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What is notAnoobie?

Designed for parents, notAnoobie is a mobile app that contains useful articles on cyber wellness topics like gaming and mobile technology addiction, social media dos and don’ts, identifying cyber bullying, inappropriate content and how to protect personal privacy online, on the go in a one-stop app. Parents can learn more about the latest digital trends affecting young people today and how to create a positive online experience for your children.

Why call the app notAnoobie?

‘Noobie’ refers to a newcomer to the internet or new media. Alternatively, it simply means “Not a Newbie”. That means by reading the articles in this app, you are no longer a newbie. You will be well-equipped with the latest cyber-related developments and issues.

Who is notAnoobie for?

For anyone, really. Although notAnoobie is created to address the need for parents to know how to keep their family safe online, it also provides useful information and tips for educators, youths and seniors.

What language is notAnoobie available in?

notAnoobie is available in English and Chinese. Simply change your phone language settings and choose English or Chinese (Simplified) to view the content in the selected language.

Is notAnoobie available outside Singapore? 

notAnoobie is available for download worldwide. Although notAnoobie’s ‘success stories’ are based on true counselling cases in Singapore, we believe cyber wellness and online safety issues are common hence the tips can be applied universally.

Is notAnoobie free?

Yes, notAnoobie can be downloaded free from iTunes and Google play stores by mobile users in Singapore on any mobile network.

Can I share the articles on my social networks?

Yes, of course! Simply click on the share button at the top right corner of any article within the app and select the option to share via Facebook, Twitter or Email. Your contacts will be directed to download notAnoobie in the relevant app store (iTunes or Google play) and they will be able to read all articles, success stories, resources and quizzes in-app.

How will I know if there are updates to the app?

All updates to the app will be made via iTunes or Google play store. Be sure to check the app stores for updates if your apps are not automatically updated.

How do I disable ‘Tip of the Day’ notifications on my device?

For Android devices, go to Settings –> Tap on Applications manager –> Select notAnoobie –> Uncheck ‘Show notifications’. For Apple devices, go to Settings –> Notifications –> Select notAnoobie –> turn off ‘Allow Notifications’. Do you have a question that’s not answered? Drop us a comment under ‘Contact us’.