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For most people, playing games on the computer, mobile phone, tablet or video games console is just regular part of their daily lives. These could be online video games, role-playing games, or any interactive gaming environment available through the internet. Most are able to juggle the multiple demands of school, work, family and friends. Gaming becomes an addiction when it starts to interfere with a person’s every day life. To keep your children’s online gaming safe, start by educating yourself about the appeal of popular games among youths and the signs and symptoms of excessive gaming.

Gaming – Why The Appeal?

The life of a Singaporean student is power packed with school lessons, co-curricular activities (CCAs), tuition and other enrichment courses and remedial classes. After a long day, it’s no wonder that some students would try to relax and de-stress by playing computer games.

Have you ever wondered why computer gaming is so appealing?

Gamers can play for hours because the games:
i. Have impressive graphics and sound
ii. Use motion controllers which make game play very realistic
iii. Have engaging storylines
iv. Allow players to play and compete with friends and even other players around the world simultaneously

Computer gaming is simply a mode of entertainment and relaxation for an individual, a group or family. Why gaming has raised concerns is because a gamer may go out of control and allow the game to hinder important priorities in his life.

There are many genres of games available in the market, but the games genre that is the most addictive is the Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOGs). Popular MMOGs in Singapore include Audition, Blackshot, MapleStory and World of Warcraft.

Article contributed by TOUCH Cyber Wellness