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notAnoobie is a one-stop resource mobile app designed for parents to better appreciate and understand the digital space – both the benefits and pitfalls – that their children are engaging in. With this app, parents will be armed with the knowledge vital for educating and guiding their children to be responsible netizens, and how to protect themselves from possible online dangers.

With increasing technological divide between parents and children, notAnoobie allows parents to harness the potential of the cyber world and better connect with their children, helping families to grow closer through mutual understanding and respect.

notAnoobie is developed by Singtel and TOUCH Cyber Wellness with the aim of helping parents understand and follow cyber-related developments and issues such as gaming, mobile technology and device addiction, social media dos and don’ts, as well as identifying and stopping cyber bullying, inappropriate content and protecting personal privacy online. The app content includes articles, reviews, success stories, quizzes and daily tips. Read some sample articles here.

Cyber wellness or responsible digital citizenship is a core part of Singtel’s community strategy. We seek to create greater awareness and education on cyber wellness and online safety in this digital age. This is done through the Singtel Cyber Wellness Programme where we reach out to the general public through targeted initiatives designed for parents, children and other vulnerable segments of the community.

Our cyber wellness initiatives aim to:

  • arm digital consumers with the knowledge and behaviour they need to stay safe online, manage their digital footprint and protect their privacy in order to enjoy a positive online presence and experience;

  • promote responsible internet use and create safer online communities, especially among the vulnerable segments of our community; and

  • empower people to use technology safely.

notAnoobie is an initiative under the Singtel Cyber Wellness Programme. For more information, visit our programme website.

TOUCH Cyber Wellness (TCW), a service of TOUCH Community Services, is a leading pioneer in the field of cyber wellness education in Singapore. Since 2001, it has strived to promote cyber wellness, healthy gaming and online safety in the education sector and the community. More than 320 schools and one million youths, parents, educators and counsellors have been reached through its array of programmes. TCW is also a key agency in providing counselling on cyber-related issues. It seeks to address parents’ concerns about cyber space and works to equip and empower them in overcoming challenges of parenting in the digital age.

The app can be downloaded free from iTunes and Google play stores by mobile users in Singapore on any network.